Like I said, I never say no to an adventure.

I take photos for work and I take photos for fun. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

     I'm a professional who’s been in the business for close to 20 years, with a long history in art, who grew up on a farm and knows how to work.
     The value of photography is not in the number of pictures you capture or the cameras you use or how big your lens is.  It's the eye of the photographer.  The experience.  The way they interact and communicate. 
     I was 17 when I decided to be a photographer, that is all I’ve ever thought about. I fantasize about some other things (if you really want to know I could easily have been a geologist-no it is true-I love earth sciences) but that is all. I don’t use video, I still just concentrate on the still photograph because I feel like any distraction would take me away from the focus that is needed. As you become successful in one thing, its important to stay focused because a distraction can weaken your work maybe without you even knowing it.  What I bring to the job is talent, experience and service.

     I’m a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle and the School of Hard Knocks. I’ve lived in the most diverse zip code in the country since 1995. In 1993 I married my hubby Mo. We live with our kitty Elvis.