I know you want to KNOW

I know you want to KNOW!  Is that me really on the wing of that pretty red biplane or is it Photoshop?  YES, yes I am ON that pretty little red biplane.  When I sent this image to my Mom her only response was "please tell me that's not you in the plane!".  My answer was "Nope.  I am not IN the plane, I am ON the plane not in the plane".


The day started out just like every other one.  I rolled out of bed.  Started my coffee  Pulled on some cloths.  Grabbed my camera bag and the coffee and out the door I go.  My lawyer friend Brita had invited me to participate to which I replied "are you smoking crack!?".  She then promptly ask me to come along to take photos.  So I did.  It NEVER occurred to me that I was going to be getting out of a cockpit that day.  It wasn't until we pulled up to the hanger and I saw the pretty red biplane that I thought there might be a slight chance.  And then as I sat in the back of the hanger during orientation and they started to describe the "tricks" they were going to be doing that I KNEW I had a problem.  Next thing you know I'm bumming layers of cloths from everyone, cause you know, I didn't come prepared for this little adventure.  At 3000 feet Mike gave a little wing wag and out I go.  Doing tricks in a biplane has always been a dream of mine and it just so happened that I had to be ON the plane to do it. 

For those of you brave enough to go there:  West Cost Spin Doctors is who you want to call.  It's a rush.



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